• The Books2Biz Program at Richmond aims to inspire young people to think broadly about their futures and gives them opportunities to participate in projects that have links to industry leaders. It has encouraged our students to develop and hone transferrable skills that will help them in the work place by offering a bridge between University studies and preparing for the workplace.

    Allison Cole-Stutz
    Allison Cole-Stutz Vice President for Student Affairs – Richmond University
  • The Books2Biz projects offered is an advanced program that provides a valuable opportunity to learn and research about a business field of your choice, at the convenience of your home or dorm room, and at the hours best suited to you. I think this was essential to making my Fall 2012 Semester at Berkeley very meaningful, by exposing me to real world business cases that enhanced my business education experience. It's well suited for anyone who wishes to optimize his time. I would highly recommend it.

    Adeesh Goel
    Adeesh Goel Student – University of California, Berkley
  • Overall, I think the Books2Biz program is very unique and interesting. It will help students build their talent and understand their strengths and weaknesses as they research under the guidance of a mentor. This in turn will help them a great deal when they step into the Real Corporate World.

    Abhinay Bhasin
    Abhinay Bhasin Recent Graduate - St Xaviers College, Mumbai
  • Books2Biz projects were very helpful to our MMS students. It taught them the importance of Authentic Research work, use of Online Resources to carry out the Research work and Time management amongst other things. Mention of the Books2Biz projects will definitely add value to the CVs of these MMS students.

    Bhushan Padval
    Bhushan Padval Assistant Professor - Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • While working on the Books2Biz project I got the opportunity to interact with a lot of people in the industry. Having done an online project for Young Scholars Inc will certainly help me a lot in the future

    Anuja Gupte
    Anuja Gupte Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Research is a fundamental part of any profession and by getting Undergraduate students to learn how to produce quality research; the program is definitely going places!

    Alyssa Healy
    Alyssa Healy Australian Cricketer
  • As students, we want to get a job as soon as we finish University. Today, however, competition is fierce; employers are asking more frequently for previous experience which means we must engage in as many activities as we can in University before we graduate to have an edge against other candidates. Working in the Books2Biz program has brought me closer to the environment I will be in when I work after graduation, working with real business topics, while having the safety of doing my research alongside a mentor who guides me through the process. This gives me more space to make mistakes without feeling shame and allows me to polish my business-research skills. Coupled with regular coursework, the research might seem hard; but let me tell you, having done business research as an undergraduate student looks pretty good on your CV!

    Carlos Restituyo
    Carlos Restituyo Recent Graduate – Richmond: The American International University in London (RAIUL)
  • This program is a genuine win-win proposition. Organisations like Cricket Australia will benefit by receiving insights from first-class research, whilst at the same time many of tomorrow’s emerging leaders will be able to apply their knowledge to develop practical solutions to specific challenges. In undertaking pivotal research projects these future leaders will be uniquely positioned to blend theoretical frameworks with practical outcomes. In turn this will develop the skills required to prepare them better for life in the corporate world.

    Damien de Bohun
    Damien de Bohun Former General Manager Game Development – Cricket Australia
  • I am delighted a research program has been established that will provide students an opportunity to develop their skills and at the same time contribute to specific business projects. Good luck to all.

    Brett Lee
    Brett Lee Australian Cricketer
  • Books2Biz projects allowed us to explore new areas for research thereby broadening our knowledge horizons. I have learnt a lot through this project. The timeline based project submission procedure kept us all on our toes and taught us the importance of time management.

    Deepika Nair
    Deepika Nair Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • When it comes to describing the Books2Biz program to friends and colleagues I have nothing but positives to say. The scheme is a genuine attempt to forge strong and healthy links between good students, their mentors and company-based project leaders. I wish all involved my very best!

    Dr Parviz Dabir-Alai
    Dr Parviz Dabir-Alai Dean – School of Business & Economics – Richmond University
  • The Books2Biz program is an invaluable tool for aspiring students who wish to develop practical research skills. It provides an interactive mechanism by which ideas are developed and nurtured. The support received is outstanding - its responsiveness far exceeds industry norms and my own experience. Young Scholars Inc is an organization which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also adds value through innovation. For students, it enhances their skills and gives meaningful experience which can be applied within the workplace. Its focus is remarkable. Finally as a critical tool, it is one the best I have ever come across.

    Dr. Bryan McIntosh
    Dr. Bryan McIntosh Senior Lecturer - University of Bradford
  • Books2Biz Projects brought about healthy competition among the students as only top 20 were selected. These students got hands-on experience in research work. I am sure this experience will serve them well to shape their careers.

    Dr. Rajashree Gujarathi
    Dr. Rajashree Gujarathi Associate Professor - Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • The Books2Biz project was a great platform for management students to showcase their research aptitude & skills who are looking forward to a career in the research field

    Jitesh Poojary
    Jitesh Poojary Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • The Books2Biz program is an excellent way for corporations around the world to leverage external knowledge, tap into new thought and while help fuel the passion of our future leaders. The program gives student a valuable opportunity to tackle real business problems and demonstrate their real leadership potential

    Franki Chamaki
    Franki Chamaki Founder – Spaceable & Former Manager (Strategy & Innovation) – AMP
  • Cricket Australia is very proud to be associated with the Books2Biz program. The program will benefit students and organisations alike with its research projects that blend business principles with their practical application. Through this program, young leaders of tomorrow will find a way to develop their skills and experience to further enhance their employability in the corporate world, whilst organisations will attain key insights into strategic areas of their business. Further, Cricket Australia looks forward to pursuing the various opportunities that may provide students in the future including scholarships, work placements and mentoring programs.

    Matthew Betsey
    Matthew Betsey Global Program Manager – Cricket Australia
  • Young Scholars Inc have come up with novel programs that provide a bridge between undergraduates, Academic Institutions and the industry. Research on real business topics and the internship programs will enhance learning and provide “Industry Fit” candidates to the industry. Young Scholars Inc, has provided a platform for mutually beneficial interaction between the young scholars and our Business Units. The online format of the program with global reach is best suited for the knowledge age. I am certain that it will inculcate creative thinking in the future industry leaders.

    Major General Yash N Sharma
    Major General Yash N Sharma Vice President (HR & Admin) – Kohinoor Group
  • We are really happy to be involved with such a dynamic and novel program which will help us develop Young Scholars who could be the business leaders of the future.

    Justin Vaughan
    Justin Vaughan Former CEO – New Zealand Cricket
  • I am grateful to Young Scholars Inc and the SIBM Professors for providing me an opportunity to work on the project ‘E-Learning: development, advantages and disadvantages’. It helped me understand the topic in depth and gain substantial knowledge about e-learning.

    Mosmi Maru
    Mosmi Maru Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • The Books2Biz project has helped me to work on topics I wished to learn. The project was structured to help students in gathering information in a correct flow which ensured optimum time management. Online research projects also allowed me to develop a strong and healthy professional relation with my mentor.

    Mohith Menon
    Mohith Menon Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Through the Books2Biz Projects I have learned many interesting things about the research process and have acquired skills that I will be able to apply later on as a student as well as in the workplace. This has been a truly wonderful experience.

    Moazzam Khan
    Moazzam Khan Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Books2Biz project titled 'Kaleidoscopic view of the banking sector in India' provided me an opportunity to understand the Banking sector in depth and prepare myself for the emerging scenario.

    Prajakta Bijam
    Prajakta Bijam Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Through the Books2Biz projects I could integrate practical knowledge with theory. I gained insights in customer interaction, data analysis, various research techniques and customer behavior

    Pankaj Shirke
    Pankaj Shirke Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • This partnership presents a win – win arrangement where the research projects are focused and relevant to business needs, while at the same time giving the students of today real experience before they move to being the business leaders of tomorrow. We are delighted to be involved.

    Peter Linford
    Peter Linford Former Minister Commercial, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner (South Asia)
  • My Books2Biz project titled ‘Service Blueprint' helped me to correlate various stages of service blueprinting while dealing with service structure of any industry. This project was also helpful in improving my Time management, Quality Data Analysis and Project management skills. I am very much thankful to Young Scholars Inc and SIBM faculty for providing such an opportunity to us.

    Prashant Khade
    Prashant Khade Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Deakin University recognizes and appreciates the research work done through the Books2Biz program on Assessment of opportunities in Sports Education & Training in India. The report is comprehensive and will be useful for academic institutions and policy makers. Deakin University looks forward to opportunities to contribute towards Sports Education in India and wishes the very best in the endeavour.

    Ravneet Pawha
    Ravneet Pawha Country Director (India), Deakin University – Australia
  • I would like to endorse the Books2Biz program as one which meets the needs of higher education students to develop a variety of personal skills but also the enterprise and leadership skills for successful graduate employment. This is a very useful complement to a successful career development strategy for any University internationally

    Professor John Annette
    Professor John Annette President & Vice Chancellor – Richmond University
  • The Books2Biz Project is an ideal way to inculcate research aptitude in MMS students. I enjoyed mentoring the students throughout the three months duration.

    Smrutiranjan Mohanty
    Smrutiranjan Mohanty Director - Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • I would like to thank Young Scholars Inc and SIBM, Mumbai for selecting me for the Books2Biz project. My project - 'Understanding, measuring and controlling employee absenteeism' gave me a great experience to deal with employees. It will certainly help me in my career.

    Sana Patel
    Sana Patel Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • The Books2Biz Program helped me design and structure the Financial report on ‘Alternate revenue sources for the bank’. It was great working with Young Scholars Inc on this project.

    Ria Crasto
    Ria Crasto Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Young Scholars Inc for giving an opportunity to enhance and grow. I would also like to thank SIBM, Mumbai and Project Mentor Prof. Rajashree Gujarathi for being a support throughout the research project. My Books2Biz project – ‘HRMS Purposes and Uses’ helped me in understanding the research topic and working of the HRMS software in the organization and its various modules used to reduce manual workload.

    Swarali Bhende
    Swarali Bhende Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Due to the detailed research carried out through the platform provided by Books2Biz Online research projects, I was able to understand opinions of diverse people to know how packaging affects their perception about a product

    Vrijesh Poojary
    Vrijesh Poojary Student – Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai
  • Besides helping us as businessmen to train young minds, the program assures us some standards of quality through their mentoring program which is one thing which will appeal to any businessman who joins them.

    Yash Mehrotra
    Yash Mehrotra President – Podar Advisory and Consulting Enterprise