Job Able Program

We have developed a Job Able Program (JAP) which comprises of 9 short modules that cover a wide range of areas that are of importance to employers – these include areas like Teamwork, Communication, Workplace Etiquette, Technology, Self Management, Planning and Organising, Launching Your Job Campaign, Business Ethics and Problem Solving. This is a novel concept which has been developed and written with the help of Industry and Education experts from Australia – Dynamic Learning Services (DLS) which is an Australian Government certified body for Vocational Training. This program aims at young people all around the world who are looking to prepare themselves for full time employment and ease their transition into the workplace.

Some of the added benefits of this program include:

  • With its comprehensive modules covering a breadth of topic areas, this program is aimed at helping individuals get a head start to their careers.
  • By preparing individuals to handle potential challenges and recognize opportunities they may face at work, the program reduces anxiety and increases self confidence amongst them as they are better equipped to handle a wide array of situations.
  • It helps providing employers with human resources who will prove to be assets in highly competitive work environments.
  • This program will serve as a platform for individuals to gain vital skills, knowledge and attitudes to not only impress prospective employers, but to also start their jobs with flying colours.
  • Employers can use this acquired knowledge of their new recruits as a base, and build upon it with On-job-training to better equip them for the challenges and responsibilities of their jobs.
  • Upon completion of the programs, participants will be eligible to receive certificates which will be co-certified by Podar Eduspace and DLS, and their educational institution may also joinly certify this.