This unique program aims to aggrandize the research skills of a student and provide them with virtual work experience, while still being at Campus. Student researchers are given the opportunity to work online on projects by eminent corporates associated with us in domains such as Sport, Banking, Media, Finance, Marketing and International Relations, to name a few. To improve the quality of research work, each student researcher is guided by a mentor and will be eligible to be awarded a certificate acknowledging their contribution and effort upon successful completion of their research projects. We have our own online platform (learning management system) to enable mentors and participants’ interaction, and by way of this platform we eliminate time bound nature of classroom based lectures and broaden the horizon of participants by giving them mentors from across the globe.

Some of the added benefits of this program are:

  • Educational institutions can combine innovation and practical out-of-classroom learning – two important aspects of modern learning.
  • We allow students more flexibility and they can chose to work on their projects based on their schedules and preferences, and they can do this online from any place – this helps break geographical barriers.
  • Students can also use these programs as a platform to build on their existing skills while they are yet studying to get the added work experience which will help them in the competitive job market and to enhance their employability.
  • Corporates benefit from the young workforce who come from a diverse educational and cultural background which bring along new perspectives to the work and this in assessing their future markets and popularizing their brand globally.
  • This is an avenue for organizations to directly invest into the social, intellectual and talent development of students to enhance their employability.

Target Audience: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students
Duration: 8 to 12 weeks